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"okage sama de,
because of your shadow which falls on me, because of your help, because of you, I am what I am. I reminded myself of that idea often, and I tried to nurture that attitude in others. We are extensions of one another, and we are beholden to one another"
George R. Ariyoshi
    "With Obligation to All"

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Who's Who

The Resource Network has been nurtured and inspired into being by diverse and uniquely abled people who help us learn and experience community, relationship, abundance, and, "okage sama de". (See quote from Governor Ariyoshi). The woman in the squatters camp in Africa who so graciously offered to share an ever so much of the ever so little she had with some of us as her guests is, perhaps, the quintessence of our who's who. A special thanks to her and the many more who are helpers and guides to others - those on this list and the people who aren't yet listed. Information included here does not represent a traditional type of endorsement. Our "who's who" is an affirmation of the unique importance of people, and, more particularly, the qualities that help make possible what is, and can increasingly become, a resource network better than what any of us might yet be able to imagine.
Abizaid, Richard
Ackerman, Jerome
Adams, Brad
Adams, Brent
Adams, Cheryl
Adams, Dean
Adams, Kenny
Adams, John J. and Barbara
Adams, Lawrence E. (Larry) and Marty
Aderhold, Jane
Alexander, Lamar and Honney
Alston, Max and Betsy
Anastassiadis, Panos
Anderson, Marc B. and Sarah D.
Anderson, Rodney (Swede)
Andrus, Cecil D.
Angulo, Al and Jeanne Oates
Ariyoshi, George R. and Jean
Arnold, David D.
Arnold, David S.
Arnstein, Theodore (Ted) and Allison
Ashby, Rodney Thurston
Ashby, Violet
Askew, Reubin O'D. and Donna Lou
Atiyeh, Victor
Babbitt, Bruce and Hattie
Backe, Brian J.
Bailar, Gregor
Bailey, Frank H.
Barnet, Richard J. (Dick) and Ann
Barrett, Donald W. (Don) and Vicky
Baskin, Roberta
Bass, Ken and Shirley
Beatty, Joyce M.
Beckett, Rachel
Beckett, Sanford and Diane
Beebe, Diana Coulton
Belton, George
Bersot, Marilyn Young and James L. (Jim), Jr.
Beyle, Thad
Bigham, William J.
Bishop, Alois and Helyn
Blanchard, James
Block, Huntington T.
Block, Peter
Bobbitt, Leslie
Bond, Rae Young
Bontrager, Greg and Barb
Boulter, Robert O. and Marla
Boundy, Peter
Bourke, Pat
Bowen, Otis R., M.D.
Boyer, Robert A. (Bob)
Boyle, Joseph T. (Joe)
Bradley, Tom
Brandenburgh, Kenneth E.
Brandon, Larry
Branstad, Terry
Breathitt, Linda
Brennan, Joseph E.
Bristo, Marca
Brown, Jerry
Brown, Robert McAfee
Brown, Rose
Bruce, Anna
Bryan, Neill
Bryant, Earl Roden
Buchanan, Basil
Buchanan, Mary
Bucy, Flynn
Bunton, T. Scott
Burch, Francis
Burke, Leigh Walker Rodgers
Burke, Tim
Burns, Robert
Busbee, George
Busenitz, Phil and Tori
Bush, George and Barbara
Byrne, Brendan T.
Cabot, Edward S. (Ned), Jr.
Cale, Paul H., Jr. and Jan
Cale, William (Bill) and Mary
Cameron, Nora (Toohey)
Campbell, Andrew (Andy)
Carlin, John W.
Carrington, Mur
Carroll, Julian M.
Carter, James Earl (Jimmy) and Rosalyn
Catlett, Michael L. and Susan
Cauterucci, Anthony (Tony) and Rosalba (Rosy)
Celeste, Richard F.
Childs, Robert G.
Chetverikov, Sergey
Cini, Carol F. and Diane
Cleary, Rita
Clinton, William Jefferson (Bill) and Hillary Rodham
Coates, Roger D.
Coates, Sheila B.
Colless, Laurel
Conway, Bill and Ann George
Copeland, Lavant and Betty
Cosby, N. Gordon and Mary
Crosby, William D. (Bill) and Connie
Crouch, Page Gardner
Cupit, Tony and Margaret
Curley, Deirdre Ellen
Daniels, Ursula
Day, Temple and Hazel
de Longa, John and Pat
del Savio, Marissa
del Sesto, Ron
Demere, Charles
Dempsey, Kathleen Hanford (Kathy) and Bob
Denny, Linda
Desoto, Amy Elizabeth (Lisa)
DeVegh, Diana
Diaz, Mario
Dobkin, James A. (Jim)
Dobrynin, Anatoly
Docking, Robert
Dodge, Doyle
Dorsey, Esther P.
Dotchin, Susan
Dove, Shawn
Dovgalyuk, Eugene
Dovgalyuk, Liya
Dovgalyuk, Mikhail and Lyubov
Dovgalyuk, Timofey and Andrea
Dowd, Don
Dowell, Yates
Dozier, Verna
Du Plain, Jan
Dukakis, Michael S. and Kitty
Duncan, Harley T.
Dunn, Warren J.
duPont, Pierre S. (Pete), IV
Dupre, Susan
Dupre, Vladimir A.
Dwiggins, Hollin and Clark Thomason
Echols, Beth
Ecton, William W.
Edison, Tomas
Eichberg, James L. (Jim)
Eoyang, Gregory P. (Greg)
Erickson, David and Jennifer
Esser, Jeffrey L. (Jeff)
Evans, Daniel J.
Evans, John and Lola
Fagan, Keith and Rita
Farber, Stephen B. (Steve)
Featherston, H. Moxley and Rose
Feigelson, Rabbi Josh
Fenton, Kay W.
Finch, Cliff
Flood, Terry
Forbes, James (Jim)
Ford, Edsell
Ford, Gerald R. and Betty
Ford, Margie
Fort, Joanne Doddy
Foster, Jack D.
Foster, Richard J.
Fox, Matthew
Frame, Nancy
Franklin, Carroll
Freiss, Susan
Gaciala, Jonathon
Gallmon, Albert (Al), Jr.
Gardner, W. Booth
Gardner, Joe A. and Betty S.
Garg, Sanjeev
Garlick, Phil
Garrahy, J. Joseph and Marguerite
Garrett, Dorothy
Gary, Daniel B. (Dan) and Candy
Garzio, Emilio
Gehring, Greg
Gehring, Scott and Michele
Geli, Denis Ludwig
Genge, William Dean
Ghant, Walter Allen
Gibbons, Ray
Gibson, Charles (Charlie) and Arlene
Glenn-Hash, Erin
Godoy, Christian-Garcia
Goering, Dan
Goetchus, Allen and Janelle
Gold, Doug
Goodyear, Lauren
Goss, Robert (Bob)
Graham, Billy
Graham, C. Marshall
Graham, Gary and Lisa
Graham, Robert D.
Grandmaison, J. Joseph
Greene, Victor A. (Vic), Jr.
Greenfield, Gary G.
Greenlief, Robert K.
Griffin, Chas
Griffin, Sister Mar, S.P.
Grigg, Steve and Juanita M.
Grimm, Elizabeth Weddington
Grimm, Robert T. (Bob)
Grizzard, Stuart and Mary Lib
Groff, Rodney L. (Rod) and Tisa Wenger
Guarino, Judy Lehr
Grumbacher, Jacqueline
Haddad, Edmonde
Hammar, Armond
Hammet, Hugh Buford and Sarah
Hammond Jay S. and Ella
Hamric, Lowell and Katie
Harlan, Steve
Harris, Joe Frank
Harrison, David S.
Hart, Billy Adam
Hartig, Louis
Harvey, Jerry B. and Beth
Harvey, Scott
Harvey, Suzanne
Hasty, Janis and Walter
Hata, Yaware
Hawkins, Joseph M.
Healey, E. Charles (Charlie) and Connie
Herndon, Thomas R. (Tom), Jr.
Heumann, Judith E. (Judy)
Hillenbrand, Bernard F. (Bernie)
Hill, Tony
Hilton, Conrad N.
Hines, Sameul
Ho, Esther
Hoffman, Lawrence J. (Larry)
Holland, Kent
Holmes, Ron
Holshouser, James E., Jr.
Horne, Allen B.
Horner, Douglas Cooper (Doug) and Kathleen Hallissey
Horner, J. Patrick and Melinda S.
Howell, Joseph
Howell, Joseph and Carolyn
Huff, David
Hughes, Harry R.
Hunt, James B. (Jim), Jr.
Isakov, Victor F.
Jackson, Geoffrey (Geof)
Jackson, Lyle
Jackson, Michael and Corlie Holloway
Jackson, Thomas A. and Ginny
James, Forrest H., Jr.
Janklow, William J.
Jernigan, Nathan E.
Johnson, James A. R.
Johnson, Jill
Johnson, Priscilla Lynne
Johnston, Dick and Sandy
Jones, Clark and Edith
Jones, F. Thomas
Jones, John Rucker and Marilyn
Jones, Lawrence
Jones Robert G. and Marion
Ka, Wayman
Kanungo, Shivraj (Raj)
Kaulis, David
Kekry, Julie
Kelley, Brian
Kelley, Jon and Cyndi
Kelley, Ronald L. and Cheryl
Kelly, Paul
Kelly, Timothy A. (Tim)
Kelsey, Morton
Kemp, John D.
Kemp, Lynda Fisher
Kenny, William J.
Kerrey, Robert (Bob)
Killian, Harold and Betty Ann
King, Gwendolyn S.
King, John and Rachel
Kinkannon, Keary C.
Kirwan, A.D. and Elizabeth
Klein, Elizabeth
Kleinman, Rob
Knoblett, James A.
Kogod, Kanu
Koropecky, Maria, Sergio
Kumari, G. Leena Lavanya
Kunin, Madeline M.
Kwah, James K., Jr.
Lamb, Brian
Lamm, Richard and Dotty
Lawrence, Richard J. and Nancy
Lee, Harry Alton
Leggett, Marshall
Leonard, Earl T., Jr.
Lesevic, Milos
Letham, Glenn and Bobbi
Leurs, William H.
Levy, MaryAnn
Licitra, Bob
Lin, Hung
Liona, Steven (Steve)
Lisitsin, Victor A.
List, Robert
Liter, Melvin Earl and Cherry
Liter, Leroy
Little, Michael J. (Mike) and Victoria Roberts
Lloyd, Richard
Loprest, Pamela J.
Lord, Charles Pillsbury (Charlie)
Lucey, Patrick J.
Luke, Barbara
MacDonald, Heather
MacPhee, Gary
Man from Russia singing "I am people, too"
Mand, Lawrence (Larry) and Linda
Mandell, Marvin
Mandella, Nelson
Mansfield, Mike
Manton, Jill
Maraj, Sister Jenna
Mariscal, Diego
Marks, Joanne
Marriott, Richard E. (Dick)
Mars, Virginia
Martens, Cynthia
Martin, Allen and Susie
Martin, David B. H., Jr.
Martin, James L. (Jim)
Martinez, Jose
Marvin, C. Raymond
Massey, Erika
Massey, Mark and Sissy
McCarthy, Sean
McCary, Katherine
McCary, Richard E. (Rich)
McClure, Rich
McConnell, Helen
McCuen, Brooks
McCullers, Levas D.
McLaughlin, Joe
Mellnik, David C.
Meyer, David W.
Meyer, James M. (Jim)
Meyer, Ronald J.
Meyre, James (Jim)
Michener, Jerry and Pat
Michl, Gerri
Millender, Terry M.
Miller, Gerald H. (Jerry)
Milliken, William G. and Helen
Misner, Donald H. and Gloria
Mitchell, Andrew T. and Sally S.
Mitchell, Jason P.
Mondale, Walter
Montroll, Kim
Morris, Calvin S.
Morris,E.Leslie (Les)
Morrison, James E. (Jim)
Moses, David I.
Moyer, Bill and Judy
Mpete, Mocate and Nellie
Munroe, Susan
Nagle, Kathy
Nagasu, Kazuji
Nakamura, Tadashi
Nance, Charles H. and Liz
Narings, Alexander (Alex)
Naude, Byers
Negretti, F. Noel
Neill, Genearlene D.
Newman, Don M.
Newton-Shaw, Dianne
Nichols, Edwin
Nigh, George
Nishizawa, Gonichiro
Noda, Yukio
Noe, Bernie and Kathy Killian (Killian)
Nouwen, Henri J. M.
Nycum, Shirley A.
O'Bryan, Roy and Lynda
O'Connor, Elizabeth
O'Donnell, Irene
Olson, V. Edward (Ed) and Faye
Omair, Mazen
Oman, David
Owens, Peggy
Paddock, Guy
Paladino, Jerry
Palacios, Edgar and Amapro
Palmer, Brenda G.
Palmer, Parker
Parker, Wardell
Parkin, Frank E.
Parr, Jerry and Carolyn
Pataridze, Zurab A.
Patterson, Kenny and Cheryl Collins
Patton, H. Milton
Peirce, Neal R.
People in Gugaleto Township in Capetwon, South Africa
People in the job fair at the DC Convention Center
People in the WorkLink Job Fair
People sitting in the C Street unemployment office
Perez, Dominique (Dom)
Perfaure, Mirko
Perkins, John
Perry, Darrell
Peters, Ed
Phillips, David
Phipps, Wintley
Pingho, LeRoy F.
Platts, H. Gregory (Greg)
Poe, Matthew E. (Matt)
Poling, Ted and Martha
Porter, Lee
Post, Bob and Barbara
Potter, Martha (Marty)
Powell, Ann
Pinsloo, Jane and Ivor
Puckett, Mary Jane Gott
Quast, Leslie Ann
Quinn, Kenneth M.
Quisenberry, James E. and Martha
Rand, John and Sarah
Ray, Dixy Lee
Ray, Robert D. and Billie
Razumovsky, Georgy P.
Reagan, Ronald W.
Reed, Christopher (Chris)
Reed, Richard D. and Rhonda
Reed, Richard Stryker
Repsher, James (Jim)
Reuber, Paige
Reumann, Ann
Reumann, Mark
Ribakow, Bart
Ricchiutte, David N. and Jean
Richards, Patricia
Ridenour, James E. (Jim) and Ann
Riess, Larry
Riley, Richard W.
Risk, Carl
Robb, Charles S. (Chuck) and Linda Byrd
Rockefeller, John D., IV and Sharon Percy
Roddy, Ann
Rodgers, Gayle
Rodgers, Judy
Rodgers, Raymond and Anna
Rodgers, Richard Payne and Marjorie Jean
Rodgers, Sharron K.
Rodgers, Sondra
Rodgers, Stephen P.
Rodgers-Ramey, Nancy
Rodriguez, Steven A.
Rogers, David E. and Sandi
Rosov, Eugene A. (Gene)
Rouse, James W. and Patricia T.
Roy, Rustum
Rucker, Joanne
Ruppert, Amy
Sabath, Robert A. (Bob)
Saccamondi, Patrick
St. Louis, Noreen
Sawaki, Miho
Schell, John T., III
Scheppach, Raymond C.
Schiller, Matt
Schmitt, Richard (Dick)
Schwinden, Ted
Scott, Frank
Scott, Michael W. (Mike) and Marilyn
Scribner, Sherlie
Sebestyn, Georgia
Selby, Linda
Seymour, Audrey
Shaffer, James C. (Jim)
Schaull, Richard
Sherlock, Mary Elizabeth
Shoemacher, Steve
Short, John
Shramm, Jacob
Shriver, Barb
Shriver, Richard H. (Dick)
Shriver, Timothy (Tim)
Simmons,Kaparah (KP)
Simmons, Roger S.
Simpson, Alan K. and Ann S.
Simpson, Barbara
Sinner, George
Sitar, Patricia M. (Pat)
Smith, Cary D. and Fan
Smith, Janet
Smith, Theodore R. (Ted/Theo) and Gretchen Van Fossen
Smith, Vincent Terry (Terry)
Snelling, Richard A. (Dick) and Barbara
Snyder, Doug
Sohns, Jerome (Jerry)
Solomentsev, Mikhail
Sondhi, Sunil
Sondhi, Varun
Sparks, Allister
Staley, Jerry and Carolyn Yeldell
Sterns, Joel
Steiner, Eric
Stephenson, Richard (Dick) and Diane
Steward, Evelyne
Stillitano, Thomas A. P., Jr.
Strine, Walter M., Jr.
Sununu, John H.
Supel, Mary Judith
Sykes, Mary
Takemura, Masayoshi
Tanner, Doug
Tatarchuk, Nikolay F.
Templeton, Bryant
Templeton, Robert (Bob) and Fran Hagan
Thomas, Harry L.
Thompson, James R.
Thompson, Michael (Mike) and Carol
Thone, Charles
Thornburgh, Richard (Dick) and Ginny
Thorpe, Dennis
Thurman, Howard
Timony, James. Patrick
Toohey, John
Traynham, Pete and Kathy
Tsai, Allen
Turcotte, Cami
Tutu, Desmund
Udoumoh, Emmanuel
Upchurch, Carl
Uppal, Jagdish (Jag)
Urqhuart, Pat Torbit
Vaccari, Mary
Valdov, R. Elaine
Vance, Cyrus R.
Venter, Alexander
Vordebruegge, Anne
Wagner, David
Walker, Mallory
Wallace, Robert (Bob) and Mary Margaret
Walter, Susan
Walther, Kathi
Wandke, Daman
Weissert, Carol
Welsh, Jerry
Welsh, R. David
Whirley, Gregory Anton
White, Diane
White, Keith
Wiarda, Elise
Wilken, William (Bill) and Jane T.
Willett, Carol E.
Williams, Mark
Williams, William (Skip) and Pam
Wilson, George
Wilson, Greg
Wilson, Jack and Marilyn
Wise, Robert (Bob)
Wohlbruck, Aliceann
Wolf, Christopher (Chris)
Woman in squatters camp outside Johannesburg
Woman in the crowd in the former Soviet Union
Woman singing "His Eye is on the Sparrow"
Woman standing outside 7-11
Wood, Burton
Woods, Jamila Jaye
Woodward, Robert (Bob)
Wright, Norris and Geneva
Wright, Wallace and Edna
Yee, Jennie Chan
Yunus, Muhammad
Yusupov, Pulat J.
Zablocki, Clement J.
Zaikov, Lev N.
Zimmer-Forster, Michele A.
Zucco, James L. (Jim)
Zucconi, Paul
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