Resource Network We are inextricably bound one to another, all of us and what surrounds us, into an incredible and potentially wonderful tapestry. Integrating People.... Processes.... Technology
We are inextricably bound one to another, all of us and what surrounds us, into an incredible and potentially wonderful tapestry. Case Studies
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David Rogers

David Rogers
The Resource Network
2505 Mill Race Road
Frederick, MD 21701 USA
Phone: +1 (703) 628-2887

David Rogers is an innovative resource development professional with demonstrated experience helping organizations achieve high-impact results through advancement and fund raising strategies, special program development, public relations, high-profile events and meetings, and multi-faceted campaigns. In his career, David has served businesses, non-profit organizations, educational institutions, ministries, communities, governments, and elected officials at local, national and international levels.
He has planned and coordinated high-profile conferences, corporate and government seminars and events, national and international meetings, and strategic initiatives for organizations including the National Education Foundation, National Governors' Association, Republican National Finance Committee, National Federation of Independent Business, BellSouth Corporation, Southeast U. S. / Japan Association, Jamestown-Yorktown Foundation, Baptist World Alliance, Business Roundtable, Massey Graduate School at Belmont University, ten different states and governors and various civic organizations, political candidates, elected officials and churches.
David served as Executive Director of CrossLink International, a non-profit humanitarian aid organization distributing surplus medical resources to mission hospitals and volunteer mission teams worldwide and as Vice President of Advancement for two educational institutions - International Baptist Theological Seminary in Europe and Cumberland Museums of Nashville, Tennessee.
During the administration of then Tennessee Governor Lamar Alexander (currently U. S. Senator from Tennessee), David coordinated special programs on economic and community development requiring diplomacy, sensitivity to protocol and coordination of high profile events and conferences both nationally and internationally.
He currently consults with the Baptist Joint Committee on Religious Liberty in Washington, DC and serves on the DC Festival on the National Mall Executive Committee, North Star Church Network Board of Directors and the McLean/Arlington Young Life Committee.
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