Resource Network We are inextricably bound one to another, all of us and what surrounds us, into an incredible and potentially wonderful tapestry. Integrating People.... Processes.... Technology
We are inextricably bound one to another, all of us and what surrounds us, into an incredible and potentially wonderful tapestry. Case Studies
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Interconnected Links to an Interconnected World
"Interconnected Links to
an Interconnected World"

Managing Director: Richard R. Rodgers

Managing Director: Richard R. Rodgers
Managing Director
The Resource Network
1119 Brentfield Drive
McLean, Virginia 22101 USA
Phone: +1 (703) 506-0203
Fax:     +1 (703) 506-0205

Rick Rodgers, managing director and co-founder of The Resource Network, has more than twenty years experience developing collaborative initiatives in business, technology, government, international trade, and public service.
Throughout his career Rick has been a catalyst bringing together public and private sector officials, vendors and customers, departments within an enterprise, systems, and people of varying perspectives in ways that enhance individual and collective success. He has worked with and for governors, corporate executives, technology companies, information providers, international trade and development agencies, associations, and the disabled in Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe, and the Americas. Results he and others have achieved are described as among the best of their type in the world.
Rick serves on the board of directors and corporate advisory board for Jubilee Jobs, Inc., an inner city model for non-profit job placement. A CPA and graduate of the University of Kentucky, Rick has served as Vice President for Administration for the Mortgage Bankers Association of America; Director of Administration and Finance and Secretary-Treasurer of the National Governors' Association; Controller of the Council of State Governments; and in the practice of public accounting.
Information on Rick's activities and journeys has been included in: Who's Who in Finance and Industry; Who's Who in the South and Southwest; Who's Who in the World; Public Official Associations and State and Local Government: A Bridge Across One Hundred Years, and selected news articles.

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