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Experience - an event or series of events participated in or lived through and the knowledge or skills so derived Case Studies
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The Third Sector Experience
The work of Rick Rodgers and The Resource Network has been received and acknowledged by a wide range of individuals and organizations including notable government and business leaders. Selected comments and observations below are indicative of the work that we do.

"Thank you for all that you did to to ensure my visit to Portland was a complete success. Mrs. Bush and I enjoyed our stay and know your effort was a prime factor in making the event come off so well. I know it took a great deal of your personal time and for that we are most appreciative."
    George Bush, 43rd Vice President of the United States; 41st President of the United

"Many thanks for all of your hard work in making our visit to Atlantic City go so smoothly. I thought that the trip was a successful one and certainly enjoyed being with you. I realize how much organizational work must go into an event of that size and think that you should be proud of the outcome. Hope to work with you again."
    George Bush, 43rd Vice President of the United States; 41st President of the United

"From all accounts, the November 20-29 visit to the US of a delegation of Soviet republic leaders which was arranged and hosted by the NGA was a notable success. On behalf of Secretary Vance I want to express our appreciation to you and all members of your organization involved for contributing to an improvement in the atmosphere of of our bilateral relations with the Soviet Union at the highest government level. In particular I want to commend the preparatory, organizational, and managerial work done for this visit by Richard R. Rodgers. I think it fair to say that those portions of the trip planned and executed by Mr. Rodgers were the ones that came off the best. He also demonstrated considerable aplomb and ingenuity in confronting and solving the inevitable changes and crises of program that arose, and was highly regarded professionally and personally by both the American and Soviet participants in the visit. Our special thanks to him for a job well done."
    William H. Luers, Deputy Assistant Secretary for European Affairs, U.S. Department of
         State, President and CEO, United Nations Association of the United States

"We want to take this opportunity to express our appreciation to you for the significant contributions you have made during your tenure with the National Governors Association. Your commitment to the organization and the Hall of the States has been of significant benefit to the nation's Governors."
    Lamar Alexander, Governor of Tennessee and Chairman, National Governors Association,
         current U.S. Senator, Tennessee, former Secretary, U.S. Department of Education,
         President, University of Tennessee
    and Bill Clinton, Governor of Arkansas and Vice Chair, National Governors Association,
         42nd President of the United States.

"On behalf of all the members of the Japanese Governors' Delegation, I wish to express our sincere gratitude to the courtesy and warm hospitality you extended to the members of our delegation when they visited your great country. I am sure that the visitation this year has contributed a great deal to the furtherance of mutual understanding and friendly relations between our two peoples in addition to the remarkable achievements of cooperation and goodwill which have been attained through 15 rounds of exchange visits of Governors of Japan and the United States in the past. Let us express again our profound gratitude for your friendship and goodwill which made our visit a pleasant one."
    Gonichiro Nishizawa, Governor of Nagano Prefecture, Chair, National Governors
         Association of Japan, Leader of Japanese Delegation to the United States for the
         16th US Japanese Governors Conference

"On behalf of all the members of the Japanese Governors' Delegation who visited the United States to attend the 18th Japan-U.S. Governors' Conference held in Phoenix, Arizona, I wish to express our profound gratitude for the courtesy and warm hospitality you and your people extended to us while we were in your great country."
    Shunichi Suzuki, Governor of Tokyo Metropolis, Chair, National Governors Association
         of Japan, Leader of Japanese Delegation to the United States for the 18th US
         Japanese Governors Conference

"I wish to express my heartfelt appreciation for the help you have given to me and my wife while we were staying in the United States to attend the Japanese and American Governors' Conference. Through your kind assistance it was possible for us to attend the meetings pleasantly, visit various places and meet with many persons thereby accomplishing our great task of promoting friendship and goodwill between our two countries Japan and the United States. Please accept our profound gratitude for your very kind consideration given to us while we were staying in your country."
   Yawara Hata, Governor of Saitama Prefecture, Japan

"I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your hard work which led to the success of the National Governors Association 75th annual meeting in Portland, Maine. I am especially appreciative of your efforts as I recognize the special challenges involved in holding a conference six hundred miles from your office in Washington. Your assistance allowed us to proudly host the conference in a manner and style that properly represented Maine. Please know how deeply I appreciate all that you did. Again, my sincere thanks. Thanks again for a superb effort."
   Joseph E. Brennan, 70th Governor of Maine

"I would like to express my sincere gratitude to you for your tremendous effort in making the Annual Meeting of the National Governors Association such a success. The comments that I have received from the public, the Shangri La staff, and my staff have been very positive. In fact, my staff has expressed their sincere pleasure in being involved with such a dedicated and congenial group. You are to be commended."
    George Nigh, 22nd Governor of Oklahoma

"When you joined the National Governors Association, many of us, especially I as Chairman, were indeed pleased that you would bring your talents and experience to the Governors’ Association. You quickly proved that you were even better and more effective than our high expectations, and you have steadfastly performed outstandingly in handling your responsibilities of administration and financial duties for this important national organization. You deserve the thanks of all who are or have been a Governor during these past ten years."
    Robert D. Ray, 38th Governor of Iowa, Chairman of the National Governors Association

"Speaking on behalf of the delegation of United States Governors who just returned home from our visit to the Soviet Union, I want to let you know how much we appreciated having Rick Rodgers with us. Rick did an outstanding job in making arrangement and planing where to go, what to see , and whom to talk to. He was indeed very helpful and you can be proud of his performance and ability to represent the National Governors Association and all of its members, so very well. Thank you for allowing Rick to accompany this group and thank you for being supportive of this kind of endeavor. "
    Robert D. Ray, 38th Governor of Iowa, Leader of US Governors to the Soviet Union

"I have completed my thank yous for the many individuals in the Soviet Union who made arrangements for us, hosted us, or in some manner contributed to the success of our visit. But, these would never be complete without a special message of appreciation to you. You did an outstanding job in helping all of us who were on the trip, and I compliment you for your good efforts and I sincerely thank you. I do believe the visit was productive as well as enjoyable. One thing is for sure, Rick, you did a truly remarkable job and that is appreciated by all of us."
    Robert D. Ray, 38th Governor of Iowa, Leader of US Governors to the Soviet Union

"With all the responsibilities that you have and with everything you have been doing on the NGA budget, which I am of the opinion is the best I have seen, you still found time to summarize and put together the information about our visit to the Soviet Union. Thank you. In customary fashion, you did an outstanding job in accumulating and assembling all of the materials. I do so much appreciate the arrangements you made for the trip, what you did during our travels and now this final phase. Thank you, Rick, and best regards."
    Robert D. Ray, 38th Governor of Iowa, Leader of US Governors to the Soviet Union

"Once again you have shown your exceptional thoughtfulness by sending a copy of the 'Soviet Life' to me. Billie and I did, indeed, enjoy reading the article about the trip. Thank you, Rick, and best wishes for a Happy New Year."
    Robert D. Ray, 38th Governor of Iowa, Leader of US Governors to the Soviet Union

"I sincerely appreciated the assistance that you and your staff provided in planning and coordinating my participation and that of my fellow governors in the Inaugural activities. Your efforts contributed immensely to ensuring that my trip was a most pleasant and enjoyable one."
    Dick Thornburgh, 41st Governor of Pennsylvania, United States Attorney General,
         Under-Secretary General at the United Nations

"The Hall of the States,is one of the best examples of intergovernmental relations. To get the enterprise on its feet financially as well as organizationally, Robert D. Ray, governor of Iowa, and Richard R. Rodgers, the NGA director of finance, traveled all around the country, meeting with governors and other state officials, to sell the idea of state associations and state offices moving into the building. They took a positive approach to the task, pointing out the advantages, not just the cost savings. They stressed the advantages of individual association autonomy in a setting that shared a joint library, print shop, conference facilities, and other central services. They pointed out that the synergy of proximity would strengthen both the individual and collective interests of the states."
    David D. Arnold, "Public Sector Associations and State and Local Governments: A
        Bridge Across One Hundred Years"

"Rick Rodgers, at one time, knew every seated governor in the country, in his former role with the National Governors' Association. But of the numbers of powerful national politicians he has known, none compared to the international religious figures the McLean resident and businessman met in South Africa."
    Kathe Traynham and Anna Bruce, McLean Providence Journal, Arcom Publishing, Inc.

"I have known Rick for over 30 years, from his days at the National Governors Association to his work with The Resource Network, so I can speak with authority about him. Rick has a varied skill set including strong management skills, vast organizational experience and very strong people skills. He is excellent at bringing people and ideas together. Coupled with his very positive attitude, he is an asset to any organization with which he is associated."
   William J. Bigham, Member, Eckert Seamans Cherin & Mellott, LLC; Legal counsel,
         The Resource Network; former counsel, National Governors Association

"The Board of the State Services Organization expresses its sincere appreciation and gratitude to Rick Rodgers for his unwavering commitment to the organization, for his faith that such an organization could be established and could endure, for his efforts in developing and refining operational procedures for the service offerings, for his budgeting and financial management skills that have made the organization fiscally sound, and for his insistence that quality, timeliness, and courtesy be the standards for judging the organization's performance."
    Board of Directors, State Services Organization
    Allan S. Cohen, Director, Washington Office, Illinois Department of Educatione
    Robert P. Goss, Director, Washington Office, National Conference of State Legislatures

"Thank you for your assistance during the National Governors Association meeting in Louisville. Your professionalism in dealing with the matters at hand is certainly to be commended and I appreciate your being so accommodating to the needs of our people."
    Kenneth E. Brandenburgh, Commissioner, Kentucky State Police, Commonwealth of

"Richard Rodgers products provide all the information needed to make decisions. His work is characterized by impeccable integrity and creativity. His contributions have supported excellence in TDA management systems."
   Deirdre E. Curley, Assistant Director, U.S. Trade and Development Agency

"Your attitude is inspiring. Thanks for your support."
    Kathy Dempsey, Certified Professional Life Coach, former Controller, Mortgage
         Bankers Association

"Thank you for the fantastic job you did in arranging the National Governors Association meeting in Boston. Everyone that attended was impressed with the precise detail work that was done to make the meeting so successful. Thanks again for all your help."
    Michael S. Dukakis, 65th Governor of Massachusetts

"I want you to know personally how much I appreciate all of the assistance and encouragement you have given to me in my work as special assistant to Governor Jim Hunt. You have helped make my job pleasant and productive, and I am most grateful. We have done a lot together, and I am thankful that I have had this opportunity to get to know you and work with you. I value your friendship more than I can ever express."
    J. Paul Essex, Jr., Special Assistant to James B. Hunt, Jr., Governor of North Carolina

"As Escort Officer, during our visit to the Soviet Union, you did a tremendous job, and Lola and I want to thank you for the fine service and hospitality you extended to us. You are appreciated very much!"
    John V. Evans, Sr., 27th Governor of Idaho

"I very much appreciate receiving the summary of our visit to the Soviet Union and the excellent photographs you so thoughtfully enclosed. Thank you for arranging our trip . It was extremely interesting and has been particularly important to me in interpreting international events in that part of the world, since our visit was sandwiched between the taking of the hostages and the invasion of Afghanistan."
    John V. Evans, Sr., 27th Governor of Idaho

"The success of the Hall of the States is much more than anyone ever anticipated and is due in large part to your efforts over the past five months. In your dealings with the building owners, the tenants and the architects you have transformed Governor Evans' concept into reality. The Hall of the States not only provides a vastly improved physical environment for the NGC staff but also promotes a cooperative working atmosphere among all associations representing the States."
    Stephen B. Farber, Executive Director, National Governors Association

"Thank you for the excellence of your work for the National Governors Association. The scope and quality of your efforts have made a great contribution to NGA's effectiveness. Your work on telecommunications, financial and administrative issues relating to both NGA and the entire Hall of the States has been outstanding. On behalf of the NGA, I want to express my deep appreciation for the extraordinary job you have done."
    Stephen B. Farber, Executive Director, National Governors Association

"The breadth, depth and quality of your work for NGA just seems to grow each year. You are a consummate professional, and what you have contributed to NGA, in personal as well as substantive terms, is nothing short of remarkable."
    Stephen B. Farber, Executive Director, National Governors Association

"Rick Rodgers and The Resource Network serve as a bridge between technology and business."
    Sanjeev Garg, Vice President, Information Technology, Gartner, Inc.,
         former CIO of MERANT/MicroFocus plc

"In a town where manipulation is a habit for some, your intentions were always straightforward and your agenda of prudent management was clear. Your formal presentations were excellent. You believed in excellence and were willing to devote your time and skills toward that goal. While other major intergovernmental organizations have suffered the pains of inadequate financial management, NGA has not. Largely through your efforts, the dream of Governors to have a "Hall of the States" became not only a reality, but the Hall became a workable, financially sustainable ongoing tool for the states. I have always admired your talents and have valued your friendship."
    David S. Harrison, Executive Director, Northeast Midwest Institute

"Rick Rodgers and The Resource Network take six degrees of separation and reduce it to two."
    Pat Horner, Chairman and CEO, The Horner Group; founding President, Perot Systems

"Working with Rick, providing ResNet with operational, administrative and business development support over the last five years has been wonderfully rewarding and fulfilling from both personal and business perspectives. His experiences working with US Governors, Federal Agencies, associations, foreign governments, and corporate entities (to just name a few) make him a unique, knowledgeable and extremely valuable contact, friend and business associate for me and a tremendously valuable asset to any organization with which he works."
    Lee Marshall, Vice President, Operations Manager at B.F. Saul Insurance

"NGA works because you run a quiet but effective office of administration."
    James L. (Jim) Martin, Director of Legislative Affairs, National Governors Association

"It was my pleasure to work with you and all the great people at NGA. Although there were hectic moments, people such as yourself, who were not only very professional but, also congenial, made it a good experience for all of us. You should know that all of the Oklahoma has expressed their appreciation to work with such a great NGA staff."
    Steve Matthews, Senior Administrative Assistant to the Governor of Oklahoma

"You should be proud of your work at NGA. You served well and with superb attention to the details that make NGA run. And, you did it to the satisfaction of 50+ bosses."
    Richard H. (Rich) McClure, Chief of Staff for Governor John Ashcroft, Missouri;
         Deputy Chief of Staff for Governor Jim Thompson, Illinois; President and CEO,
         UniGroup Inc., United Van LInes LLC

"Your work at the National Governors Association produced a benchmark for the rest of us who follow and support States' initiatives. You always have been the epitome of decorum, knowledge and diplomacy. I sincerely appreciated the opportunity to have worked with you during my long tenure as the dean of the Washington Representatives. In my capacity as Director of the Indiana Washington Office, first for Governor Otis R. Bowen, then for Governor Robert D. Orr, I sincerely enjoyed your friendship and counsel. Over that period of time, I came to trust you implicitly. Your work with the NGA finance committee and executive committee was held in high respect by all of us who knew you. You have set high standards for your successor."
    Don M. Newman, Under Secretary, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services;
         former Director of the Indiana Washington Office

"You are very generous and give us great encouragement in keeping on!"
    William J. (Bill) Price, Co-founder and Executive Director, World Peacemakers
         acknowledging The Resource Network for being the initial sponsor of Seeds of Peace,
         Harvest for Life International Consultation at the Church Center for the United Nations

"The Resource Network brings together people and organizations in creative ways to achieve improved individual and group results. The services provided by The Resource Network help organizations develop world-class business initiatives through innovative information sharing and delivery mechanisms. The company works with organizations and their internal and external customers to maximize value through simplified access and sharing of information - bringing together the capabilities of distinct individual organizations in order to realize mutual advantage."
    Progress Software Corporation, global leader in application infrastructure software

"The Resource Network system was conceived as a creative use of best-of-breed data resources."
    Progress Software Corporation, global leader in application infrastructure software

"Rick was my hero at Merant where he personally developed what had to be the coolest sales automation tool on the planet."
    Chris Reid, Vice President, Sales, Certona; former Vice President of Sales,

"Good friends are hard to come by, but easy to renew a relationship with."
    David N. Ricchiutte, Deloitte Professor of Accountancy Emeritus, University of
         Notre Dame

"Throughout his career Rick has been a catalyst bringing together public and private sector officials, vendors and customers, departments within an enterprise, systems, and people of varying perspectives in ways that enhance individual and collective success. He has worked with and for governors, corporate executives, technology companies, information providers, international trade and development agencies, associations, and the disabled in Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe, and the Americas. Results he and others have achieved are described as among the best of their type in the world."
    Dave Taylor, Managing Editor, Trimble Banner,Landmark Community Newspapers LLC

"I have known Rick Rodgers through our association in the McLean Baptist Church for the past several years. He is a particularly able young man and has carried major responsibilities in the church programs. He is deeply devoted to his church and his family. He is highly respected by his friends and associates. He has demonstrated that he is of good character and is wholly reliable and trustworthy. the church is presently engaged in a building program involving an anticipated expenditure of a sum in excess of $1 million. Pledges of contributions have been made by the members, and Rick has been designated as chairman of a committee to follow up on payment of the pledges. In this capacity, he periodically reports from the pulpit to the membership on the progress of the payments. Quite obviously, if he were not so highly regarded he would not have been chosen for this sensitive work."
    C. Moxley Featherston, Chief Judge, U.S. Tax Court; Trustee, McLean Baptist Church

"I have unbounded admiration for you! A lesser person would have been defeated by the lows life has thrown at you. You are there at the heart of Christ's kingdom. You are a great inspiration to me and so many others."
    N. Gordon Cosby, Co-Founder, Church of the Saviour

"Rick Rodgers founded The Resource Network in 1989, after a successful career with several prominent national organizations, where he mastered the art of bridging perspectives to create cohesive high-performance teams. After experiencing a retinal detachment in the middle of a presentation, Rick became an official member of the disability community. While adjusting to the new reality of the loss of a significant portion of his eyesight, Rick developed new techniques that have not only helped him work effectively with diminished resources but also are beneficial to people without disabilities."
    Disability:IN, formerly U.S. Business Leadership Network (USBLN)

"Rick was a featured speaker at a 2000-person event held at the MGM Grand at National Harbor, Maryland, where he spoke about his personal journey with disability, the power of vulnerability and the potential of mutual vulnerability. He shared work experiences where disclosing his disability became a powerful equalizer across cultural differences that ultimately fueled an environment of appreciative collaboration."
    Disability:IN, formerly U.S. Business Leadership Network (USBLN)

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